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Area Sound Biography

Starting in Fall 2005, Zach Lehner and Cody Kime began a journey into positive and conscious message hip hop. Initially intended as a fun product of collaboration, tracks were laid and played by Cody with Zach dropping poetic madness into the mix. With the introduction of Steamer Nelson to the group in late 2006, the once-casual songs began to take form and focus. Through 2008 to 2009, the group began to develop and present their sound as "Area Sound" in Humboldt County, California. Drawing from musician-friends for influence in track production, a sense of community is not only heard as a strong lyrical point but also as a foundation from which the Area Sound can grow! Area Sound has continually reached further and further into the local hip hop scene, drawing interest from people of all walks of life. In early 2009, their initial drop the "Seeds of Change EP" hit the streets and ears of Humboldt locals. By August 2009, the CD release "Gemnastics" (initially labeled Zach & Steamer) marked the tipping point of the group's move from casual music to an increasing devotion to performances. With shows at The Jambalaya, Red Fox Tavern, The Pearl Lounge, HSU: Social Justice Summit, and many other local appearances -- Area Sound is gaining recognition and traction as a competitive and forthcoming band. Stay tuned and support local hip hop!

Zach Lehner

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